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ID Cards and Building Access

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Article Number : KB0011351
Published on : 2021-06-02
Last modified : 2021-06-02 14:43:52
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

All new UT ID cards have a built-in chip that is programmed for use with the Building Access Control System (BACS) system. These cards allow you to access certain restricted areas, buildings and rooms on campus. If you need access to a restricted area, your card will need to be programmed by your Department Badge Administrator to grant you access to the restricted area. Proximity ID cards are issued by the ID Center but each department grants access to individual users.


  • Current students, faculty, and staff may obtain a UT ID card upon request.
  • University Affiliates (including Official Visitors) must have their department request a card in Workday.

If you have an active, valid standard UT ID card without building access features, you may trade your old card for a new BACS-enabled card at no cost. You must present the old card at the time of upgrade.

Gaining Access to a Restricted Area

Once you have your UT ID card, your card must be granted access by your Department Badge Administrator. Generally, your program coordinator or human resources personnel will be able to identify your Department Badge Administrator.

For further assistance locating your Department Badge Administrator, call the UT Service Desk at (512) 475-9400.

Replacement Cards

If your UT ID card has been lost or stolen, immediately deactivate it.

ImportantIf you have access to a highly secured area, you must also report your lost card to UTPD by calling (512) 471-4441 immediately.

You may visit the ID Center to obtain a replacement card. You will be responsible for the costs of the replacement card. Your building access permissions should transfer automatically from the old card to the new card. Contact your Department Badge Administrator if your access did not transfer correctly.


There are a few scenarios in which your UT ID card may no longer work.

  • If you are no longer a student or an employee of the university, your card will be automatically deactivated. If your card needs to be reactivated, you must bring it to the ID Center.
  • If the card reader does not beep, your card may be defective. Bring it to the ID Center for testing.
  • If you can access other secured areas, but not a particular secured area, please contact your Department Badge Administrator to verify your access.
  • If nobody can access a particular secured area, please contact your Department Badge Administrator to troubleshoot.

If you have any issues not covered above or require additional assistance, call the UT Service Desk at (512) 475-9400.

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