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The New Office 365 Login Portal

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Article Number : KB0016908
Published on : 2018-05-10
Last modified : 2019-06-22 17:43:25
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


Note: Users who have configured their browser to preserve login sessions may have to clear their cookies before logging in for the first time. If you are stuck in a login loop, please clear your Office 365 session cookies (instructions below).


The Upgrade to the Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) will result in a cosmetic change to the Office 365 login portal ( Some users may experience a "login loop" with no error message and will need to clear their browser's cookies/cache upon first login.


Visual Changes


The New University of Texas Office 365 Landing Page



The New University of Texas Office 365 Login Portal



Browser-specific Office 365 Session Cookie Clearing Instructions

Browser   Specific Cookie Clearing Instructions:
  1. Copy & Paste "chrome://settings/cookies/detail?" into your browser
  2. Click Remove All
  3. Restart your Browser
 Internet Explorer
  1. Click Tools in the top right corner of your internet browser
  2. Under Browsing history, click "Delete..."
  3. Check mark "Cookies and website data" and hit Delete (will remove all cookies)
  4. Restart your Browser
  1.  Copy & Paste "about:preferences#privacy" into your browser
  2. Under Site Data Click "Settings"
  3. Search for ""
  4. click Remove All Shown
  5. Restart your Browser
  1. Click on the Hub Icon  in the top right corner of your browser 
  2. Click on Clear History
  3. Check mark "Cookies and saved website data"
  4. Hit the Clear (will remove all cookies)
  5. Restart your Browser      
  1. Click on the Safari in the top left corner of your browser
  2. Click on Preferences...
  3. Click on the Privacy tab
  4. Click Manage Website Data...
  5. Search for ""
  6. Highlight the "" entry and click Remove all and then Done
  7. Restart your Browser


If the login looping issue persists after performing the above, see these instructions to clear all of your cookies, internet cache, and history in your browser.



Please contact the UT Service Desk online at or by calling 512-475-9400 with any problems, questions, or concerns. 


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