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How to request a resource account

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Article Number : KB0013069
Published on : 2017-10-25
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:50
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help



You or your department would like to request a room/equipment/shared mailbox





Step 1. Call 512-475-9400 or email a ticket to and provide the following information:


     Type of mailbox: room, equipment, or shared mailbox

     Display Name: visible name in the Global Address list

     Email Address for mailbox: anything not already created and vanity email domains are available

     Mailbox Manager EID(s): user(s) that can manage the account permissions via TRAC

     EIDs needing Full Access: it will allow a desired user the ability to login and assume control of the account (see KB0014480 on how to access)

     EIDs needing Send As: this allows the user to send a message which will appear as the resource account (see KB0014483 on how to send as)

     EIDs needing Send on Behalf (Delegate): this allows the user to send a message which will state ‘User X sent on behalf of User Y’ (see KBXXXXXX on how to send on behalf)


Step 2. Your ticket will be handled by the Tier II staff at the UT Service Desk

Step 3. You will receive confirmation when the process is complete



**Permissions can sometimes take a few hours to propagate







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