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Office 365: Adding the UT Directory to Your Outlook Address Book (Windows)

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Article Number : KB0012015
Published on : 2017-12-14
Last modified : 2019-01-12 17:27:17
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

  • Operating System: Windows

  • Application: Outlook

Note: If you are using this procedure to connect to an LDAP server other than The University of Texas at Austin online directory, you will need to substitute the server name that your System Administrator gave you for "" whenever that appears.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.

  2. From the File tab  menu, select Account Settings.

  3. Select the Address Books tab.

  4. Click New.

  5. For Directory or Address Book Type, select Internet Directory Service (LDAP) and clickNext.

  6. In the Server Name field, enter "" (or the name of your LDAP server, if different).

  7. Select the More Settings button.

  8. You will see a message saying that you will need to restart Outlook at the end up of this setup procedure to activate your new address book. Select OK to continue.

  9. On the Connection tab, be sure that "" appears in the Display Namefield. Leave the port number as it is.

  10. Select the Search tab. In the Search base area, select Custom and enter "dc=directory,dc=utexas,dc=edu" and then click OK.

    Note: If you are connecting to an LDAP server other than the UT Directory, this line may be different. Check with your System Administrator.

  11. Click Next

  12. At this point, one of two things can happen depending on whether you have previously set up any address books.

    • If you see a screen saying "Congratulations," select Finish.

    • If you see a screen offering to let you choose a directory or address book, select Finish. You should then see the "Congratulations" screen. Select Finish.

  13. Exit Outlook, then restart it.

For more information on Microsoft Outlook, visit Microsoft's website.




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