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Network, Media & Telecommunications

Network, Media & Telecommunications

Network and Internet Services
Residence Hall Network (Resnet) Network and Internet Service for University Residence Halls Self Help
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Remote access to campus-only IT services Self Help
Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi network and internet access Self Help
Cabling and Construction
UCD, Virtual, Physical (drypair) and Carrier circuits Special Services: UCD, Virtual, Physical (drypair) and Carrier circuits Self Help
Events, Audio-Visual, Multimedia Support
Digital Signage Content distribution in facilities across UT main campus for departments Self Help
Event support Special events audio-visual and media support Self Help
IPTV Stream 100 HD channels to network-connected computers, mobile devices and Amazon Fire TV Self Help
Multimedia Equipment Work Equipment installation, maintenance and repair Self Help
Webcasts and Streaming Media Live webcasts and archival encoding of streaming media files Self Help
College, School, Unit Network Support
Network Support College, School, and Unit Network Support Self Help
College, School, Unit Phone Support