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Personal Network Access (PNA)

The university provides wireless and wired network access to all students, faculty, staff, official visitors, and certain affiliated workers across its properties.


Go here for help getting connected.


All users must abide by the university's Acceptable Use Policy.


  • PNA Data Plan

    There are no longer charges for data plans.

    Available to:Students,Faculty and Staff
    • 802.11a/g/n/ac Wi-Fi network connectivity across university properties in Austin
    • Gigabit wired network connectivity where public ports are offered


    Please note: as with other campus resources, we expect that our UT community will use the network with the understanding that it is a shared resource as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.  ITS will, as it does for other computing resources, manage excessive consumption and may limit individual users’ speeds to ensure good performance for all users.  ITS will communicate with individuals consuming excessive data to determine if there is an academic need behind the usage and how to support it. Individuals limited because of excess consumption will still be able to use the network for standard academic or business functions (e.g. data access is fast enough for Canvas, web browsing, and common Internet applications).

    Faculty and staff should consult their local technical staff for special needs.



    Service Level Objectives

    Technical Support

    Technical support is available during university business hours - typically M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm (excluding university holidays). 

    Routine requests are typically addressed within one business day. UT Service Desk staff may escalate requests as needed.


    UT Service Desk    
    (512) 475-9400
    Create a Ticket
    Direct Email 


    Service Availability

    The network device registration interface has an availability SLA of 99%.


    Maintenance and Incident Communications

    ITS will follow established maintenance and change management processes for this service.

    ITS will follow established incident communications processes for unplanned outages for this service.