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What is Bomgar?

Bomgar is a network appliance that enables remote control of Macintosh computers, PCs, servers and mobile devices through corporate firewalls. Firewall penetration is accomplished by utilizing HTTP and HTTPS connections (TCP ports 80 and 443). Support reps can see the user’s screen, control their mouse and work as if physically present. Both the customer and the rep connect to the appliance through outbound connections. How is Bomgar used? Bomgar may be used to remotely assist customers under the following circumstances:

  • When customers in need of support are located outside of campus networks (home, traveling etc.)
  • When personal on-site support is impractical or remote assistance is preferred by the customer.
  • When other remote assistance technologies are unavailable, incompatible or ineffective.
  • In an emergency situation where this technology is the most effective means of response.

How to use Bomgar

Request an ITS Bomgar account from your manager or team leader

Go to

Login with your EID and EID password

Bomgar Support

Wiki: Bomgar Customer/Support Session Initiation Perspectives: Windows 10

The ITS Service Desk supports Bomgar. Submit a ticket by emailing


Bomgar Self Help