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Secure Messaging

Send secure message through the UT Direct platform to anyone with a UT EID.

  • Secure Messaging

    The Secure Message System provides employees in The University of Texas System with a way to transmit sensitive messages and data securely to anyone who can log in to UT Direct using a UT EID and password. In addition to being available only to designated recipients, these secure messages expire after a specified period of time (not to exceed 31 days), so that old, sensitive information does not remain available indefinitely.

    Available to:Students,Faculty and Staff
    • Messages are secure; recipients log into UT Direct to view.
    • Secure Messages can be sent to anyone with a UT EID.
    • Senders can attach files.
    • Senders can verify that messages were viewed.
    • Secure messages expire after a specified period of time.
    • Recipients receive an e-mail message containing instructions on how to view the secure message and a reply-to address.

    Secure Messaging is available at no cost to UT System employees. Secure Messaging is provided as a common good service with no additional costs to departments or users.

    Service Level Objectives

    Availability: 99.39%

    Intended users

    Secure Messaging can be used by anyone with a high-assurance EID (students, faculty, and staff).

    Supported computing environment

    The minimum recommended operating system and client software requirements are:

    Technical support

    Tier 1 support is available during normal business hours. Routine requests are typically addressed within one business day.

    Tier 1

    End users should start with Tier 1 technical support. Any user can call the UT Service Desk at (512) 475-9400.


    ITS will notify customers about both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance using the Alerts and Outages page of service availability and service delivery issues. Services may not be available during the maintenance periods.

    Scheduled maintenance may occur nightly after 5 p.m. for outages of less than one hour. To the maximum extent possible, installation of service, application, and security updates will be performed during scheduled maintenance.

    Unscheduled maintenance tasks that require service downtime will be announced as soon as possible on the Alerts and Outages page.

    Change notification: ITS will notify customers using the Alerts and Outages page of service availability and service delivery issues for Secure Message System.

    User responsibilities

    Users of the service and identified owners/administrators agree to be aware of and adhere to the university's Acceptable Use Policy.