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Green Output

Using Green Output allows you to cut your paper printing costs by printing mainframe reports to .txt, .pdf, .xls, or .csv files instead of printing on paper. Reports can be sent to a special Green Output directory on Austin Disk, as well as to both personal and bulk mount Austin Disk accounts. Sending Green Output to bulk mount shares on Austin Disk means that anyone who has access to the bulk mount will have access to the output. Thus, groups of authorized users can easily access the mainframe reports that reside in a secure central location.

  • Green Output Printing

     Print Mainframe reports to .txt, .pdf, .xls, or .csv files instead of printing on paper.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff
    • Print mainframe reports to .txt, .pdf, .xls, or .csv files in secure Austin Disk directories.
    • Access reports by an individual (special Green Output directory or personal Austin Disk account) or by a group (Austin Disk bulk mount account).
    • Quickly search mainframe reports using applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Acrobat (depending on file type).
    • Using Green Output can significantly reduce your paper usage. there is an average of 50,000 green output reports submitted per month. 

     Green Output is available at no cost to individuals who need mainframe reports. In fact, using Green Output will reduce your paper printing costs.

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