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IPTV for UT Austin


Any location with utexas network access can view campus cable channels.  Departments, colleges, and offices use IPTV for educational and informational purposes in classrooms, public spaces, break rooms, and offices.  IPTV is available where traditional wired Cable TV is not.


IPTV Request Form



  • IPTV is accessible over the UT Network and includes popular cable channels available in High Definition (HD) including LongHorn Network, CNN and HBO.
  • IPTV can be viewed on a computer running Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Safari.  It can be viewed through an approved IPTV device such as Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick. 
  • Charges for IPTV service are $218 annually not including one-time installation and equipment charges if a network connection is required




If you have questions, please contact us: or 512-471-9238.