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Employee ID Card Mailing Requests

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Article Number : KB0019076
Published on : 2022-05-16
Last modified : 2022-05-16 18:45:06
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Employee ID Card Mailing Requests

If a remote UT employee needs their ID Card mailed to them a Human Resources Contact, or a department designee, will be responsible for sending the card via US Mail. The card can be picked up once authorized by the card holder and a request has been sent to and acknowledged by the ID Center. This process has only been approved for UT employees residing outside of Austin.


Request Process: 

  • HR Contacts email  
  • Information to include in request:  
    • Name and EID of the employee who is the card holder 
    • Name of the authorized representative for pick-up 
    • Confirmation of ID Card status being communicated with the card holder as ready for pick-up 
  • In-Person Services employees will acknowledge the ticket and let the requestor know when the cards are ready for pick-up 
    • Cards should not be picked up before this confirmation 
  • Upon pick-up, In-Person Services employees check the ID to confirm identity and then release the card to the representative's care 
  • The department will take responsibility of the ID Card and must send card(s) via US Mail 


Authorized pick-ups can be established in two ways: 

  • Reporting Status (i.e. we see the employee reports to the person picking up the card, such as a manager or director) 
  • Established in request (a name can be included in the request to tell us who will be picking up the card) 


In-Person Services will not be able to directly mail cards to individuals. If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Available for: Faculty and Staff

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