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Application Rationalization: Cloud or On-Premise?

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Article Number : KB0018429
Published on : 2021-01-22
Last modified : 2021-01-22 19:56:34
Knowledge Base : ESM External


Services and the technical architecture that support service delivery are typically driven by business need.  A good question to ask is” what problem is the service owner trying to solve?  The choice of technology should be influenced by the value added to business processes. To avoid bias, it is good practice to abstract business need and application requirements from the underlying technology. Reviewing the former to determine the best value may be referred to as Application Rationalization.  The Federal CIO Council has published “The Application Rationalization Playbook” guide which recommends a six-step process.  There are:

  • Identify Needs and Conduct Readiness Assessment
  • Inventory Applications
  • Assess Business Value and Technical Fit
  • Assess Total Cost of Ownership
  • Score Applications
  • Determine Application Placement

 ITS has adopted a cloud-smart strategy where service owners should evaluate if a move to the cloud makes sense (see the Cloud Smart Rubic on the ETA website.)  Another good source for decision-making would be the five Rs of Cloud Rationalization. It may well be that after completing this evaluation, the service owner concludes a cloud platform is the architecture of choice.  Congratulations!  You have just arrived in the 21st century of enterprise computing.  However, if the recommended solution is not in the cloud, walk through an on-premise application rationalization process.  Here is a list of resources:

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