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SailPoint Application Onboarding Process

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Article Number : KB0016335
Published on : 2021-03-31
Last modified : 2021-03-31 19:24:29
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Figure 1: High-Level Application Onboarding Process

The application onboarding process consists of the following steps:

  • 1. Requester fills out and submit the Group and Role Management Request Form under the SailPoint IdentityIQ service page.
  • 2a. The IAM Team will review the request form and schedule an interview to confirm understanding of application and gather initial requirements.
  • 2b. The IAM Team will present proposed solution to Application Team.
  • 2c. The Application Team will review and provide agreement to move forward with the proposed solution.  
  • 3a. The IAM Team will prioritize application integration and propose timeline.
  • 3b. The Application Team will assess proposed timeline and provide written commitment. 
  • 4a. The IAM Team will document the detailed requirements and proposed design in the Application Integration Specification document.
  • 4b. The Application Team will review and approve Application Integration Specification document.
  • 4c. The IAM Team builds and tests requirements per specification.
  • 4d. The Application Team will make necessary changes to their application in order to properly integrate with SailPoint IIQ.
  • 4e. The Application Team will perform User Acceptance Testing and approve integration.
  • 4f.  The IAM Team will deploy application integration to Production.
  • 5. The IAM Team will monitor application integration and assist with incident resolution.
  • 6. The IAM Team will perform on-going maintenance.


If an application is already integrated with SailPoint IIQ and configuration changes or enhancements are required, the Application Team can submit a request by sending an email to Once the request has been received, a very similar process as that outlined above will be followed to get the changes deployed.


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