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Generating a Report in SailPoint IIQ

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Article Number : KB0016318
Published on : 2021-03-16
Last modified : 2021-03-16 15:51:56
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Follow the steps below to generate a configured report directly from the Report tab in SailPoint IIQ.

  1. Log in to SailPoint IdentityIQ.
  2. Navigate to the Intelligence tab and select Reports.
  3. On the Reports page, right click the desired report and choose Execute to run it immediately. A status box will appear, showing the user the progress of the report
  4. Once the report is finished, click OK. The page will redirect to a Report Result page, which contains information concerning the report. If there is no data for the selected executed report, it will state “Your Report Returned No Results.” The result is stored on the Report Results tab for future review if needed.

Note: If a new report is needed or changes are required for a configured report, the Application Team can submit a request by sending an email to which will create a ServiceNow ticket.







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