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Request Access to EID Merge Notifications through RabbitMQ

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Article Number : KB0016137
Published on : 2021-01-15
Last modified : 2021-01-15 15:20:08
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


EID merges happen when it is discovered that a person has multiple EIDs. The multiple IDs are merged together into a unified record. If your systems stores records with EIDs or UINs, you can subscribe to merge notifications and develop a process to merge the records in your system as appropriate. A new method of consuming EID merges is now available using RabbitMQ Message Broker. This is in addition to the existing mainframe process for merge notifications. More information on RabbitMQ can be found here:

Each EID merge message will include both the surviving and deactivated EID, and the surviving and deactivated UIN. When processing EID merges in your system, you should be prepared for 3 different situations:

  • You have both EIDs/UINs
  • You only have 1 of the EIDs/UINs
  • You have neither of the EIDs/UINs

If you have a business process that requires EID merge data, you may request access by sending the following information to

  • The department code for the department sponsoring the request
  • Name of the service that will be consuming EID merge data
  • EIDs for two technical contacts for this service (current UT employees only)
  • Business reason for requesting access to EID merge notifications





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