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Infoblox - How to access system

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Article Number : KB0015132
Published on : 2019-12-20
Last modified : 2019-12-20 16:41:53
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

How to access the Infoblox system (

Access to the Infoblox system requires the creation of an Active Directory group. Once this group has been created, you will need to communicate the group name (it is case sensitive and we request all uppercase letters) to ITS Networking by sending email to The name should reflect the organization's name and we ask that you avoid acronyms if possible.


Individual department will manage membership in AD of their groups. Since access is done through these groups, any member of the group will be able to login to the system and will inherit the same permissions as other members of the group. Also, since all accounts are based on EIDs, users will be able to login using their EID username/password combination.







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