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Oracle Licensing under UT System Agreement

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Article Number : KB0015028
Published on : 2020-01-17
Last modified : 2020-01-17 13:35:30
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The University of Texas System has entered into a volume licensing agreement with Oracle Corporation. This agreement provides both site licensing for certain products as well as a blanket order under which other products can be purchased.

Site Licensing

Under this Oracle agreement, site licensing is in place across the entire UT System for the following products:

Annual technical support fees for these system-wide site licensed products will be divided among the UT System component institutions. It is up to each component to determine how these fees will be divided among its users/departments.

In addition, the UT Austin campus is site licensed for Partitioning and Advanced Security Option.

Under this agreement each campus is able to obtain site licensing for individual products not already site licensed. In order to purchase a site license, a campus must purchase licensing for all full-time and part-time students, faculty, and staff. Exact pricing is subject to various factors, but is to be discounted at least 90% off of the Oracle Global Price List.

Campuses can choose from the following products available for site licensing:

  • Oracle Database3 - Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition1, Personal Edition, Lite
  • Enterprise Managers - Diagnostic Pack1, Tuning Pack1, Change Management Pack, Configuration Management Pack
  • Enterprise Edition Options - Real Application Clusters1, Partitioning2, OLAP, Data Mining, Spatial, Advanced Security2, Label Security
  • Internet Application Server3 - IAS Standard Edition, IAS Enterprise Edition1, IAS Java Edition, Top Link
  • Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition Options - Identity Management
  • Collaboration -Collaboration Suite

1 Already site licensed for the entire UT System
2 Already site licensed for the UT Austin campus
3 Site licensing for Enterprise Editions includes usage rights for the lower editions (Personal, Standard, etc.) as well

Additional Products

Departments interested in purchasing products not licensed above are able to do so under this agreement without need to bid pricing to other vendors. Perpetual licenses and the first year of updates and/or product support can be purchased at a discount rate of at least 50% off of the Oracle Global Price List.

For a complete listing of available products, product description, licensing prerequisites, and migration path information, please see the Global Price List Supplement.

Technical Support

Technical Support (which includes Software updates, Product Support, and other Technical Support) for licenses purchased under this agreement is renewed annually and pricing is fixed thru February 2009. For technical support on site licensed products, although the price is fixed, you may be required to pay annual adjustments if your population counts increase.

For more information on Oracle's current Technical Support policies and offerings, please see Oracle Technical Support Policies.

Oracle Academic Initiative and Workforce Development Program

Under this agreement, teaching departments at schools in the UT System may participate in the Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI) and/or the Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP) for instructional purposes. There is no membership fee provided the teaching department incorporates Oracle programs into its classroom teaching. For more information, and to register for these programs, please see

Oracle University Courses

Please see Training and Education.

Cost and Eligibility

This agreement covers all institutions in The University of Texas System as well as the UT System Office. Only departments may purchase under this agreement, but all faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students are licensed to use covered products on University-owned systems.

In addition, the following UT System 501 institutions are covered:

  • UTMB Family HealthCare Systems
  • University Physicians Group (UT Health Science Center San Antonio)
  • UT MD Anderson Physicians Network
  • Texas State Historical Association (UT Austin)

For reference, the Oracle Global Price List, which is updated annually, is available here. Please note, the below indicates the list price before discount.

  • Oracle Global Price List (current as of April 20, 2007)
  • Oracle Global Price List Supplement (current as of April 20, 2007) - includes information on license shipment contents, license prerequisites, and migration path information.

Pricing for all purchases is subject to the most current price lists as maintained by Oracle Corporation. Departments should contact Oracle for quotes and updated pricing information.

Licensing Details

The Oracle agreement is in effect until May 31, 2019.

Products licensed under this agreement are permanently licensed. If, in the future, this agreement lapses and is not renewed, departments will be able to continue to run licensed products at the version current as of the termination of the agreement.

Amendment 9 to the Oracle Master:

  • Effective May 28, 2018 and extends the primary term for the Master Agreement thru May 30, 2023
  • It adds 3 clauses required by legislature so we don’t have to keep putting them in order docs:
    • TPIA (Tx Public Info Act)
    • Oracle may not boycott Israel
    • Oracle may not do business with a terroristic country
  • What is NOT in the Amendment: we were unable to get year over year caps for all oracle products with regards to annual support (SULS in Oracle terms). Oracle says they only do that in order docs now. It is what it is. So when, if, you do a direct order with Oracle make sure to include:
    • Cap on year over year increases for your annual support. Try for ten years with most of the early years being 0% and not rising over 2-3% towards end of cap. It takes a sizable order though to get ten year of control
    • Get a price hold in case you need to license more product in the future (assuming you are buying product)

Ordering Documents for new System-wide site licensed database/tech products:

  • Effective 29 May 2018 and covers:
    • Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle Multitenant
    • Oracle GoldenGate / Active Data Guard
    • Advanced Security Option
    • Oracle Partitioning
    • Real Application Clusters
    • Diagnostics Pack
    • Tuning Pack
  • Unlimited (for UT use only, we cannot provide service to other institutions) and  no true up (unless a significant reorganization happens)
  • Audit Vault and Database Firewall licensed for UT Austin and MDACC only.
  • Consolidating any (non-core based) UT contracts covered by above new core. Thus, don’t pay for any of these products directly to Oracle beginning 29 May
  • Cap on year over year increases
  • Price hold for additional products:
    • Goldengate for non-Oracle DB
    • DB Lifecycle Management Pack
    • DB in Memory
    • Cloud Management Pack for DB
    • IASEE
    • Management Pack for Goldengate
    • Datamasking and Subsetting Pack

For additional information and details, please refer directly to the agreement.

Note for health institutions: The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Oracle agreement contained certain provisions specific to health institutions. Under this new agreement, those provisions have been lifted. Specifically, health institutions can use covered products for clinical applications and are no longer subject to discount caps (in other words, the full discount applies the same to academic as well as health institutions).

Adjustments to Site License counts

Campuses who have purchased site licenses can purchase additional licenses at the same pricing as the initial purchase if their headcounts change. The UT System must purchase such license corrections annually for the system-wide site licensed items if the headcounts used to purchase the initial licenses increase by more than 10%.

Register your use of site-licensed products

Complete the Registration Form before downloading or purchasing media for any products site-licensed for the University of Texas System.

Referencing this agreement

When requesting an ordering document, and on all purchase orders submitted to Oracle, you must reference "UT System Oracle Master Agreement 2004 (2004C00902)" in order to receive discounts available under this agreement.

Licensing for additional products

Please refer to the Oracle Global Price List and Price List supplement for pricing and product descriptions. The Price List Supplement includes important information about any prerequisite products you must have licensed as well as details on what ships with the purchase of a given license.

To purchase, departments should contact one of our Oracle representatives. Oracle will then provide an ordering document with quoted price. Products can be purchased by submitting the completed ordering document to Oracle along with a purchase order. You can find a sample ordering document in Appendix E of the Oracle Master Agreement.


Media will be available for download from the Oracle Technology Network (TechNet). Your installation and use of software products downloaded from the TechNet is subject to the terms of this agreement in addition to terms on the TechNet site. Running software for which you are not licensed is a violation of federal copyright law and subject to prosecution. It is the University’s policy to prohibit software piracy and copyright infringement.

Customers who would rather receive physical media can purchase CD Packs at the Oracle StorePlease note that Oracle CD Packs often include product bundles, and you may receive products for which you are not licensed. These products may come with a 30 day trial license, but you must purchase a full license to use them beyond the trial period.





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