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EID Troubleshooting: I think someone else might be using my UT EID. What should I do?

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Article Number : KB0014960
Published on : 2021-11-04
Last modified : 2021-11-04 22:10:06
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

If you notice any of the following suspicious acts, it is possible that the security of your UT EID may be compromised:

  • Your personal information, such as your e-mail address or phone number, has been changed without your knowledge.
  • You are being charged for ITS services that you did not purchase or do not use.
  • You receive an e-mail indicating a change to your UT EID, such as updating your password reset questions, that you did not make.

If you think that someone else might be using your UT EID, or that someone has discovered your password, you should IMMEDIATELY:

The ISO will want to determine how the UT EID and password were compromised, the impact of the exposure, and whether to investigate, file a complaint with a remote site, or prosecute.

For additional information, the university's Information Security Office provides the following resources:

To speak with somebody about your concerns contact the UT Service Desk.

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