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EID Tasks: Can I Change My UT EID?

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Article Number : KB0014955
Published on : 2021-11-04
Last modified : 2021-11-04 17:51:59
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Your UT EID can be changed only for very limited reasons; for example, if you find your existing UT EID offensive or if your name has changed.

You must provide adequate justification for changing your UT EID before any action can be taken. EID changes are taken very seriously and are performed only if appropriate justification is provided.

Employee EIDs cannot be changed after payroll has been processed. This is due to a business process limitation within Workday. No known workarounds exists at this time. Any requests to change an EID for an employee with payroll records will be declined. 

If you decide to change your UT EID, your new EID will be your initials followed by a randomly generated number. No other configurations are allowed.

Understanding the caveats above, individuals who wish to change their UT EID should contact the UT Service Desk at +1 512-475-9400 or create a ticket to be referred for assistance. 

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