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EID Tasks: How do I get a UT EID?

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Article Number : KB0014954
Published on : 2021-11-04
Last modified : 2021-11-04 22:09:29
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

There are several ways to get a UT EID:

  • One may be created for you. This happens if you submit test scores as part of the application process, or if you were a student, faculty, or staff member after 1974. If you’re not sure you have a UT EID, you can try to Find Your UT EID using the self-service tool. If a UT EID was created for you, a random password will have been created as well, which you will need to change the first time you log on to any system using your UT EID. You can use the Find/Reset My Password option if you don’t know your password.
  • You can create one for yourself. If you are instructed to create a UT EID and you do not already have one, you can Get a UT EID using the self-service tool. Getting a UT EID involves:
    • Providing your personal information
    • Choosing password reset questions
    • Choosing a password
  • Guest EIDs for Departmental Accounts. If you are instructed to create a departmental Guest EID to access a service (such as UT Box), follow the Creating a Guest EID for Departmental Use instructions.

Note: If you already have a UT EID, you should not create a new EID. Your EID is linked to your UT records, and if you create a new EID, it will not be linked to your existing records.

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