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Best Email to Use

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Article Number : KB0013944
Published on : 2019-01-23
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:43
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Information Technology Services provides various email options to the University of Texas at Austin community.




UTmail provides UT Austin students and alumni with a university affiliated email address in the domain. Those who opt-in to the service can choose their email address and have 25+ GB of email storage. In addition, UTmail provides email for life.


Faculty / Staff

Office 365 (Cloud based)

Office 365 is a Microsoft hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook as a cloud-based service. This means your email services and data will be located in data centers owned and managed by Microsoft. It gives users a rich and familiar access to email, calendar and contacts allowing access by PC’s, Mac, the web and mobile devices. By utilizing this service, it removes the University’s operational burden for an on-premises hosted email service. In addition, the mailbox size limit has been increased to 50 GB. Users may also access their email through a web browser using Outlook Web App or from a variety of mobile devices. Additionally, this service includes; secure access, security audits, service continuity, intrusion monitoring and high availability.




  • email account on the domain.
  • 25+ GB storage.
  • Choose your own account name.
  • Keep your email address for life!
  • Information Security Office (ISO) approved Google Drive Integration with Canvas using your UTmail account.


Office 365

  • 25 GB mailboxes
  • Web access via Outlook Web App
  • Mobile App access
  • Optional Mobile access available through ActiveSync
  • Integrated address book and shared calendar through Outlook
  • secure access, security audits, service continuity, intrusion monitoring and high availability.



Email available at no cost to current UT Austin students, faculty, and staff.


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