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TRECS Desktop Services

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Article Number : KB0013498
Published on : 2018-04-09
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:23
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


Pricing for these options is based on a combination of average staff salaries, the skill level necessary to provide needed support, and the average amount of time spent supporting different types of equipment. All prices are for an annual contract.

For more detailed information, please contact Stephanie Dussault, Assistant Director of Desktop Support Services at


Computer Support

StandardPlus All systems are classified as "StandardPlus" unless they meet the criteria to be classified as a complex system. Standard hardware per UT recommendations, standard image, no administrative rights.
Complex Two (2) or more of the following: Staff requires root access or administrator access; Windows operating system older than Windows 7; MAC operating system older than 10.9.5; Hardware is 5 years or older; The system is running server-like services (e.g., AFP, SSH, HTTP, MySQL); System with Dual boot operating system; Complex third party applications are installed and used heavily (e.g., Autodesk Applications, Mathlab, SPSS, SAS). One or more of the following: No systems management tool installed; Non-standard hardware (custom built, falls outside of campus approved models, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple).


Services Provided

Customer Desktop Support Computer Lifecycle Plan Provide assessment, procurement, deployment & deprovision
  Computer Maintenance Provide technical support, including diagnosis and correction of software/ hardware issues, hardware and software upgrades, and virus/malware remediation
  Conference Room Presentation Support Provide tech support for Power Point meetings as requested
  Consultation Advise on security, networking or information technology best practices, policies, or requirements.
  Data Backup and Recovery Provide installation, configuration, and management of UT Backup software. Best effort to recover lost or deleted data from damaged media.
  ServiceNow Customers tickets are escalated to MITS via phone, online & email for support
  Hardware Inventory Maintain inventory & determine usability of outgoing hardware and surplus or repurpose hardware.
  ITS Services Support Provide assistance & support, such as, Austin Disk Services, UT Backup, UT Box, AEMS, etc.
  MITS Service Desk (8-5) Centralized first point of contact to resolve issues
  Mobile Devices Basic configuration of email & calendar, operability troubleshooting and basic functionality.
  Onsite support Each site has a site lead and support team. Staff is located either inside of the bldg. or in close proximity of customers
  Peripherals Install and support the basic functionality of UT owned scanners, etc.
  Printer Support Basic support & troubleshooting; Printers managed via ITS Printer Server and direct IP
  Remote support Remotely assist to quickly resolve issues using Bomgar and other remote tools
  Off Campus Support Travel and provide support to off campus locations
  Site Knowledge Base Department specific knowledge bases to resolve issues in a timely manner
  Software Support Installation, basic configuration, operability troubleshooting, and basic functionality.
  TRAC Co-Sponsor Assist with managing ITS TRAC services
  VoIP Support Provides support for Basic Service where UT VoIP is deployed
  Network Support -Manage data ports, activate and VLAN changes;
-Provide adequate notification of planned downtimes;
-Consults with and assists ITS Networking with network issues and problem resolution
Security Compliance ISO Review & Evaluation Coordinate with ISO to provide site security assessment, including periodic network scanning
  Annual Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA) -Update, upload Net Contacts and complete Step 1;
-Provide assistance with Step 2;
-Assist with department Disaster Recovery Plan
  Security Alerts Remediate ISO Alerts and clear quarantines
  UT Security Policy Compliance Plan, implement, coordinate with ISO mandated policy, such as, mandatory encryption and service colocation to a data center
  Security Administrative Access Permissions are configured to limit admin access to the zone team providing support
Special Projects Project Support Assist with relocations, special events, ITS Services upgrades (i.e. Office 365 migrations)
Systems Management Active Directory PCs and Macs joined to Active Directory with top level GPOs applied where applicable in compliance to UT policy
  Imaging Zero-Touch computer image creation and deployment; PCs - SCCM OSD; Macs - Deploy Studio
  Patch Management LANrev for Macs and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for PCs: Automated updates, software deployments, secure remote support, remote inventory and software inventory, and automated “behind-the-scenes” maintenance. Standard level OS and 3rd party core application security patches and updates.





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