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Using TED

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Article Number : KB0012253
Published on : 2022-01-10
Last modified : 2022-01-10 18:25:47
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

These principles have been established to guide decisions about the use of the uTexas Enterprise Directory, as well as assess proposed additions to the data contained in the directory.

  • TED contains confidential information and is not equivalent to the public "white pages" directory (located at

  • Authorized access to confidential or restricted information contained in TED is controlled by the managers of the systems from which that information is derived.

  • TED is a repository of information consolidated for internal use by university departments. It is not the system of record for any student or employee information and may not reflect the current, official status of a student or employee.

  • TED is a critical university resource that is supported and maintained by ITS to maximize reliability and availability.

  • TED is a read-only repository. No updates are permitted.

  • Social Security numbers (and identifiers based on SSNs) are not stored in TED.

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