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Requesting Access to TED

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Article Number : KB0012248
Published on : 2021-03-05
Last modified : 2021-03-05 15:40:07
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

About TED Accounts

In order to perform an LDAP search against the uTexas Enterprise Directory (TED), you will need a TED Service Account.

TED Service Accounts are assigned to applications and sponsored by departments.

TED Service Accounts are not assigned to individuals.


Using TED for Authentication

If possible, it is recommended that you use the Enterprise Authentication service for your authentication needs. Enterprise Authentication is powered by a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP).



Prior to requesting access to TED, please review the following documentation which will assist you in filling out the request form:


Access Request Process

  1. Visit the TED Access Request Form, fill out the required information, and submit.

  2. Your request will be reviewed, depending on your responses, you may receive a request for clarification.

  3. Once the form is reviewed, a Service EID will be created. This Service EID will not yet be able to query TED. The credentials will be sent to the technical contacts specified in the form via Stache.

  4. The Acceptable Use Policy must be digitally signed by a Department Head or Manager before TED access is granted. Eligible signers are based on the information in the University Department System.

Note: Access to restricted student and employee information will require additional approval.

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