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Office 365: Effects of ActiveSync Policy Removal

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Article Number : KB0011995
Published on : 2017-12-13
Last modified : 2019-01-12 17:27:12
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

In our testing of removing the Default Active Sync policy, we noticed a number of issues that may cause confusion.

  1. Android devices may display an error that says "Could not open connection to server due to security error." the first time the email application is accessed after the policy is removed. In our testing the error went away after synchronizing a second time and was not consistent across Android versions.
  2. For devices currently syncing, the Wipe Device button may continue to be displayed in Outlook Web Access; however, it is not functional. New devices connected to Exchange after the policy removal will not have this discrepancy. This doesn't affect syncing but to resolve this the following steps must be performed:
    1. Log into OWA. Click on Options in the top right. Then click on All Options->Phone->Mobile Phones. Select the device from the list. If there is a Wipe Device button, you can continue with the procedure. If instead there is a Block Device button, the remaining steps are not neccessary.
    2. Remove the ActiveSync account from your device. Note this will delete all Exchange data from your device but it will come back after recreating the account.
    3. Back in OWA, select the device from the list. Click the X button to delete the device association with your mailbox. This will not affect data on your device.
    4. Configure your device to synchronize with Office 365 again.
    5. Refresh the view of the devices by clicking the button with two arrows. The device should reappear and the wipe button should no longer be available.
  3. The Default ActiveSync policy may be automatically recreated by future Microsoft updates to Exchange. We will look for this in testing and communicate the behavior if we encounter it.




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