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Quick Outlook Calendar Tips

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Article Number : KB0011970
Published on : 2017-12-22
Last modified : 2019-06-27 23:17:19
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

This article provides quick tips for using your Outlook Calendar more efficiently.

  • Dragging and dropping events to a new date or time
    To change an event's time or date, you don't need to open the event. Instead, drag and drop the event to a different day in the calendar, either in your current calendar view or on the display in the left calendar pane.


  • Opening calendar in a new window
    To open the calendar in a different window, click View in the ribbon and then click Open in New Window.


  • Changing free/busy status of appointment
    To change the free/busy status of an appointment, you don't need to open the event. Instead, right-click the appointment in the calendar, select Show As, and then select the free/busy status you desire.


  • Displaying several days side-by-side in calendar
    In the left calendar pane, shift-click or drag over the dates that you want to view and they will appear in the right pane. You can also hold down the Ctrl key to select non-consecutive dates for display.


  • Copying an appointment in your calendar
    Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the appointment to a new date or time.


  • Creating appointments with emails

    • In the Mail view of Outlook, you can drag and drop an email from your inbox to a specific date in the calendar pane to the right. A new appointment window will appear, allowing you to configure the appointment settings and sending it to your email recipients.

    • You can also open up an existing email and select the Meeting icon at the top of the window.

For more tips, visit Microsoft Office's learning resources page.




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