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Deleting a VM

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Article Number : KB0011598
Published on : 2019-09-11
Last modified : 2019-09-11 16:27:27
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


UT-VMG - Deleting a VM


  • NOTE: VM backups will be retained for 2 weeks after the VM has been destroyed, but it is always best practice to ensure you have any data/configuration files/software extracted from the VM prior to deleting the VM.
  • Login to the UT-VMG service at:
  • Chose Items from the top tab
  • Choose Machines from the left tab
  • If you did not request the machine, select the "Owned by" drop-down and change it from "Me" to the provisioning group the VM resides in
  • From the list of VMs you can work on, select the VM you want to delete (Destroy) and in the Actions menu select "Destroy".
  • ITS Systems > UT-VMG 2.0 - Deleting a VM > image2016-8-15 13:47:46.png
  • You'll be asked to confirm that you want to Destroy/Decommission the VM.
  • ITS Systems > UT-VMG 2.0 - Deleting a VM > image2016-8-15 13:49:44.png
  • Ensure the checkbox by the VM is checked and hit OK
  • You will be taken back to your list of VMs, you'll need to refresh the web browser window to see updates on the process of deletion.
  • ITS Systems > UT-VMG 2.0 - Deleting a VM > image2016-8-15 15:10:16.png
  • If the VM is powered on, it will be shutdown and then the VM will be disposed.  You can see the progress in the Requests tab when you refresh the web browser.
  • ITS Systems > UT-VMG 2.0 - Deleting a VM > image2016-8-15 15:12:0.png
  • Email or an API call will automatically be generated to the appropriate DNS provider (UTNIC or Austin) to remove the VM hostname to IP mapping (DNS entry) for the deleted VM.
  • NOTE: Please allow 1 business day for the DNS entry to be removed and propagated.
  • You will receive an email confirming the VM deletion:


    From: <>
    To: <>
    Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 10:29:09 -0600
    Subject: UTVMG: VM  Destoyed:
    UTVMG automated VM notification
    Requested VM
    VM DNS removal request submitted.
    Billing state updated.




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