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Error: No SenderBase Reputation Score

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Article Number : KB0011414
Published on : 2016-12-13
Last modified : 2019-01-12 17:27:30
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Our inbound mail servers use IronPort's SenderBase network to determine how to treat incoming SMTP connections. For each IP address it knows about, the SenderBase network assigns a reputation score.

Neither extremely low volume email servers nor new email servers have SenderBase reputation scores. Unfortunately, newly activated spam zombies also do not have reputation scores, since they usually never send email before being activated. Therefore, sending hosts with no reputation scores are considered somewhat suspicious, and are subjected to a rate limit of 10 recipients per hour.

If the system administrator of a legitimate new or low volume mail server wishes the mail server to be exempt from this limitation, they should contact the UT Service Desk to make the request. Requests to the Help and Service Desk should include the IP address(es) of affected server(s), as well as the date and approximate time, including time zone, of the most recent incident.




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