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Sent Email With [UTEXAS: SPAM DETECTED] in Subject Line

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Article Number : KB0011404
Published on : 2019-05-02
Last modified : 2019-06-26 15:36:58
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

To help identify and respond to compromised email accounts, the university automatically scans outbound email for spam.

Your message may be classified as spam and quarantined for inspection by our email filters if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The message's "From" or "Reply-to" fields are set to a email address.

  • The message contains language consistent with spam, as determined by accepted industry standards.

  • The message contains links to questionable websites or consists primarily of links with little additional text.

  • The message includes content from other spam messages.

The university deletes a message only when it clearly should not have been sent, such as:

  • Spam from a cracked account.

  • A response sent to a spammer or phisher (even in mockery).

  • An out-of-office message sent in response to spam that bypassed spam filters.

Note: The university's outbound spam filters will not affect your ability to report spam or phishing schemes to "abuse@domain", "postmaster@domain", or "security@domain" email addresses.

Due to the dynamic and evolving nature of spam, the university's spam filters are constantly adapting and changing. The above list represents the most common reasons that outbound messages are blocked as spam; however, many other factors are considered and may be taken into account as trends change. The university may expand this filtering if needed.


Messages sometimes look like spam, but are not. If the Mail Filtering Service is unable to conclusively determine whether a message is spam or otherwise malicious, the message is sent with a disclaimer at the top of the message.

ITS used to attach tags like [UTEXAS: SUSPECTED SPAM] in the subject line. We are replacing our existing subject line warnings with our new body disclaimers:

If you have any questions or require any assistance, you can contact the ITS Service Desk at 512-475-9400.




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