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Received Email With [UTEXAS: SUSPECTED SPAM] in Subject Line

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Article Number : KB0011402
Published on : 2019-05-03
Last modified : 2019-06-27 20:10:27
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


ITS manages the Mail Filtering Service, which filters unwanted e-mail from many UT Austin email services. Although ITS anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions are very effective, it is impossible to detect all unwanted e-mail. If ITS can positively identify a message as spam, our Mail Filtering Service automatically blocks it so it doesn't arrive in your inbox. While ITS adjusts the hardware and software technologies in use on campus to adapt to new spamming and phishing techniques, you may occasionally see unwanted e-mail appear in your inbox.

Messages sometimes look like spam, but are not. If the Mail Filtering Service is unable to conclusively determine whether a message is spam or otherwise malicious, the message is sent with a disclaimer at the top of the message.

ITS used to attach tags like [UTEXAS: SUSPECTED SPAM] and [UTEXAS: POSSIBLY MALICIOUS CONTENT] in the subject line. We are replacing our existing subject line warnings with our new body disclaimers:



This will allow you to determine whether the message is legitimate. You can also create a rule or filter based on the altered subject line to automatically mark these messages as unwanted email in the future. Please be aware that it is possible, for legitimate e-mail to be tagged as spam or as being malicious. For more information on university disclaimers on external, suspect, or malicious email, please visit KB0011401.

Given this, it is important that you consider reviewing or searching the folder where these tagged e-mails are kept in the event you are missing e-mail that you expected to receive.

If the message is in fact spam, please DO NOT reply or click on any links or images within the message. ITS recommends reporting the spam and then deleting it. You may also create filters in your email client to further reduce the amount of spam you receive.


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