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Do I need an upgraded UT EID?

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Article Number : KB0011347
Published on : 2020-05-13
Last modified : 2020-05-13 18:50:11
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The purpose of an upgraded UT EID is to allow you to conduct university business online. If you do not wish to conduct university business online, or you are unable to upgrade your UT EID, many options are available to you in person or over the phone.



  • You do not need an upgraded UT EID to register for classes.
  • You do not need your ID card to attend classes.
  • You may access dorms with a temporary access card, which you may obtain from the Division of Housing and Food Services (DHFS).
  • You may register for placement exams by contacting them directly.



  • Employees may access a paper copy of the Payroll Services Employee Information Form (formerly the PO8 form) from the Payroll Services website.
  • Employees may take compliance training on paper by contacting the Compliance Training Coordinator at (512) 232-7842. Other options include taking the training in person or by email.


Current Students and Employees

  • You may access Recreational Sports Facilities a limited number of times with your UT EID and EID password.


Former Students

  • Transcripts may be ordered by mail, by telephone, in person, or by proxy.

The decisions about which services require an upgraded UT EID are made by the owners of the individual services. Please be aware that some services may require the use of an upgraded UT EID and, as such, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your UT EID as soon as you are able to do so.





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