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EID Troubleshooting: Forgotten EID Password or Locked UT EID

Number of views : 443
Article Number : KB0011276
Published on : 2021-11-04
Last modified : 2021-11-04 17:51:45
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

How to Reset Your UT EID Password

If you have forgotten your UT EID, or if your UT EID is locked, you can use the online UT EID Self-Service Tools to reset your password.

Select the Find/Reset My Password option, and you will be given several options for resetting your password, including a password hint (for guest UT EIDs only), a password reset email, and your password reset questions.

If you are unable to reset your password using these options, you will be provided with contact information for further assistance with your UT EID password.

How to Unlock Your UT EID

Please note that if your UT EID has been locked for security access, you will not be able to gain access by resetting your password. Instead, contact your UT EID contacts for assistance. The UT EID Self-Service Tools will provide you with the contact information if you walk through the resetting process.

Additional Help

If you have followed the above instructions and require additional assistance, please contact the UT Service Desk for assistance. Note that the UT Service Desk is unable to assist you with passwords and locked accounts via email.

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